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 Precast Concrete ensures Greater Product Quality and Accuracy 

Cronin precast floors utilise the highest standard machinery to produce quality assured finishes in accordance with European, British and Irish standards with a 28 day strength of 50N/MM2. All products are produced in a controlled factory environment to deliver our loyal base of customers a line of products of excellent quality. 

Precast Stairs and Landings

We offer a range of stairs and landings for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. We cater for a large range of shapes and sizes and use fully adjustable steal moulds in our design and manufacturing plant at Rockgrove. 


Our precast concrete stairs are manufactured offsite and are delivered to site ready to be assembled.



We deliver and install flooring and stairs to the highest standards, providing you with immediate health and safety regarding access and egress.  


Benefits of Precast Stairs and Landings:

  • Quick production.

  • Staircases and landings are manufactured off site resulting in rapid installation on site.

  • Immediate floor to floor access for follow on trades.

  • Installation is not effected by weather.

  • Excellent noise reduction and sound insulation.

  • High fire resistance.

  • Cost-effective

  • Vast reductions in on-sight labour.

  • Squeak Resistant.

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Precast Hollowcore Floors 

Our manufacturing plant develops precast, pre-stressed hollowcore floors suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. We ensure that these floors are produced in a controlled environment and conform to the highest international standards.  


The hollow tube in the precast slabs greatly reduces the weight of each unit. This system is an excellent way of increasing the spans due to the light weight; furthermore it is a highly cost –effective solution to other construction processes. 

Precast flooring can generally span greater distances than timber, providing the designer with more options.


Benefits of Precast Flooring:


  • Quicker installation.

  • Elimination of steel fixing and formwork.

  • Precast Flooring Slabs are manufactured off site resulting in rapid installation on site.

  • Immediate working platform.

  • Thermal efficiency.

  • High load capacity.

  • High fire resistance.

  • Excellent noise reduction and sound resistance.

  • Squeak Resistant.


Bearing on Blockwork:

Bearing on Steel:

LoadSpan Tables:

Precast Integration for Quicker Construction Development 

We deliver precast floors that help with vital timing issues with your domestic, commercial or industrial development. Just call the offices at Rockgrove and one of our friendly design and manufacturing team will consult with you over the project at hand. They will then draw up a roadmap which will efficiently display the time and money you can save on the construction of your project with precast floors.  

High Quality Concrete Products 

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