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Precast Hollowcore Flooring

Our manufacturing plant develops precast, pre-stressed hollowcore floors suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. We ensure that these floors are produced in a controlled environment and conform to the highest international standards.  


The hollow tube in the precast slabs greatly reduces the weight of each unit. This system is an excellent way of increasing the spans due to the light weight; furthermore it is a highly cost –effective solution to other construction processes. 

Precast flooring can generally span greater distances than timber, providing the designer with more options.

Benefits of Precast Stairs and Landings:

Quick production.​

Elimination of steel fixing and formwork..

Precast Flooring Slabs are manufactured off site resulting in rapid installation on site.

Immediate working platform.

Excellent noise reduction and sound insulation.

High fire resistance.


Squeak Resistant.

Thermal efficiency

High load capacity.

Hollowcore Profiles

Hollowcore Section Properties

HC Profiles.jpg

Hollowcore Load Span Table


Bearing on Blockwork:

Bearing on Steel:

Drainage Stone and Sand

 'Standing the Test of Time'

Precast Stairs and Landings

Precast Floors

Crane Hire

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