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Precast Concrete Solutions 

 Precast Concrete ensures Greater Product Quality and Accuracy 

Cronin precast floors, stairs & landings utilise the highest standard machinery to produce quality assured finishes in accordance with European, British and Irish standards with a 28 day strength of 50N/MM2. All products are produced in a controlled factory environment to deliver our loyal base of customers a line of products of excellent quality. 

As a leading precast manufacturing, we know what exceptional and reliable service means. We’re committed to providing clients with a wide range of options, all with guaranteed quality and precision. From the beginning stages of the project all the way to the completion of the process, we work side-by-side with clients every step of the way.

Precast Integration for Quicker Construction Development 

We deliver precast floors that help with vital timing issues with your domestic, commercial or industrial development. Just call the offices at Rockgrove and one of our friendly design and manufacturing team will consult with you over the project at hand. They will then draw up a roadmap which will efficiently display the time and money you can save on the construction of your project with precast floors.  

High Quality Concrete Products 

Years of Experience
Precast Solutions
High Quality Finishes
CE Certified
Precision Manufacturing

Check out our range of Precast Products: 

Drainage Stone and Sand

 'Standing the Test of Time'

Precast Stairs and Landings

Precast Floors

Crane Hire

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