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Precast Stairs and Landings

We offer a range of stairs and landings for residential, commercial and industrial applications. We cater for a large range of shapes and sizes and use fully adjustable steal moulds in our design and manufacturing plant at Rockgrove. 


Our precast concrete stairs are manufactured offsite and are delivered to site ready to be assembled.



We deliver and install flooring and stairs to the highest standards, providing you with immediate health and safety regarding access and egress.  


Benefits of Precast Stairs and Landings:

Quick production.​

Staircases and landings are manufactured off site resulting in rapid installation on site.

Immediate floor to floor access for follow on trades.


Installation is not effected by weather.

Excellent noise reduction and sound insulation.

High fire resistance.


Vast reductions in on-sight labour.

Squeak Resistant.

Good Shepherd - Edel House.jpg

Stairs & Landings construction details.

Straight flights with cross landings.

Ideal where side support is available for both main and half landings.

Stairs and landings construction details

Short flights with integral top and/or bottom landings.

Ideal for locating around lift shaft.

Precast Stair layout

Flights with integral top and/or bottom landings.

A solution for steel framed buildings or where fewer crane liftd are preferred.

Steel ramed precast stairs

Drainage Stone and Sand

 'Standing the Test of Time'

Precast Stairs and Landings

Precast Floors

Crane Hire

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