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Designing Precast Solutions with Precision Manufacturing 

Our precast plant at Rockgrove carefully designs bespoke products for domestic, commercial & industrial applications
Superior Construction with Precast Solutions




There are considerable advantages with precast construction products:


Inherent Fire Properties – Concrete maintains its own fire resistant properties that are achieved without the addition of additional linings and fire retardants.


Reduced Formwork – Huge savings made when precast solutions are contracted instead of on-sight casting formwork.


Estimated savings:

Formwork 75%

Less Scaffolding 75% to 90%

Less Wet Concrete 90% less


Quicker return on investment – 20% quicker construction due to the rapid development involved with precast solutions. This will free up time later on within a project.


Greater project control – Utilising precast products ensures greater accuracy and quality as the factory manufacturing process is more clinical than on-sight production due to many circumstances, i.e. poor weather and inconsistent labour. It also saves valuable time and labour: estimated at 50%.

Precast Stairs and Landings

Bearing on Steel

Loadspan Table
Rockgrove Precast Manufacturing

Rockgrove Precast Manufacturing

Precise Precast Construction

Precise Precast Construction

Quality Machinery for Accuracy

Quality Machinery for Accuracy

Precast Solutions

Precast Solutions

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Drainage Stone and Sand

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